Derendorf - A quarter in transition.

Derendorf is currently - again - in transition. Formerly heavily influenced by industry (Schlösser-Brauerei, Rheinmetall, etc.), this district is becoming increasingly popular as a residential location due to its good infrastructure and proximity to the city center.

Parts of Pempelforts , such as the Nordstraße, are often erroneously counted as part of the district of Derendorf, but in fact this only begins north of the Jülicher Straße. The industrial center of Derendorf actually represents the area around Münsterplatz and Münsterstraße with the Münster Center. In the north of the district there are also the urban wholesale market, on whose grounds once a month the Radschläger flea market is held, as well as parts of the North Cemetery.

Since 2014 there is a direct road connection with the Toulouser Allee, parallel to the railway line, between Derendorf S-Bahn station (Münsterstraße) and the Nördlicher Zubringer, as well as to Pempelfort.

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